Ghana, West Africa

I Am Project


The pre-colonial practice of traditional medicine in Ghana has continued to thrive.  The World Health Organization estimates that about 80 percent of Ghanaians use herbal remedies as their primary healthcare needs.  Lack of access, high cost, and perceived side effects of synthetic drugs have formed this preference. The cultural disposition and traditional beliefs of Ghanaians actually lead them to shun western medicine, which they call “white man’s poison”. In Ghana, the life expectancy is about 15 years less than in the United States.  More importantly, the diseases death rate is 5% lower than in the United States.

I Am Essential Oils is currently establishing relationships with the local residents to begin

 the development of sustainable traditional    organic farms and a therapeutic oil                distillery.  We have been granted access          to begin our work with 9637 acres of raw      land that are remote and privately owned.   We envision developing year round retreats  for locals and visitors that focus on: spiritual,  emotional, physical and family well-being, as  well as sustainable farming and distillation.

 We will continue to share updates as this      project unfolds.  

            To Be Continued . . .