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Diffuser type Nebulizing diffuser
Products Included Diffuser
Product Information
Uses Naturally atomizes without damaging the molecular structure or therapeutic property of essential oils. The delivery system emits a micro-fine vapor. The nozzle directly screws onto a 15 ml bottle and is located away from the electric pump so as to not reduce the theraputic qualities of the oil being difussed. Its parts disassemble for easy cleaning. It works well for long run times.
Benefits Nebulizing is absolutely the best way to diffuse. Their cold diffusion process does not alter the theraputic qualities of essential oils as other ultrasonic diffusers do since only cold air interacts with the oil. The negative ions that are released during diffusion can have a possitive soothing effect on stress. Nebulizers also do not humidify the air as an advantage in environments prone to moisture.

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Breeze Essential Oil Diffuser

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  • Size: 2.50-03.5 l/pm
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