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Description 1.3 oz. medallion (92.5% silver) For balancing and regeneration.
Benefits 1. Smoky Quartz (smoky brown) 2. Turquoise (turquoise to green) 3. Citrine (clear yellow) 4. Carnelian Agate (red-orange) 5. Unakite (olive with specks of pink-red) 6. Yellow Jade (yellow hues) 7. Onyx Flint (black) Smoky Quartz – Smoky Quartz is one of the most powerful grounding and clearing stones available. Like the smoke of the Sage Bundle, the energy of Smoky quartz cleanses and clears the aura and energetic systems. It assists in connecting to the Earth and, in completing the electrical circuit between one’s physical body and the planet. Because of this, it is an excellent resource to Stone Carriers who wish to be protected from conflicting electromagnetic energies, such as computers, cell phones, etc. It is also a powerful assist in recovering from exposure to low-level radiation sources. Turquoise –  Along with Black Pyrite, Turquoise is known as the “Healer’s Stone”, and has the ability to heal the body on many levels. Perhaps this is why the Tribes of the Southwest use it as a general body tonic. Turquoise combines the Water, Wind, Fire, and Earth energies, thereby containing the power and unity of the Store element. It “controls” the storm that sometimes rages within us and balances all the systems at once. This kind of balance is essential in today’s hectic world, where conflicting energetic messages, coming from all directions at once, seem to be the norm for many people. Citrine –  Citrine enhances balance and healing at all levels, because of its ability to regulate the Endocrine System. It can be very important in balancing stress, as it levels out the Adrenals, and reduces the production of Fight or Flight Hormones. Carnelian Agate – In any arrangement of Sacred Stones that the Stone Carrier uses to balance the Healing Energy of the body, the center stone is always the one that gives courage and epitomizes the principle of Emergence. Carnelian is a strong and vital ally to call upon, when one needs to take action for change. It lends courage to “take the leap”, and dedicated oneself to a new path. It encourages one to stop waiting for one’s dream to appear, and instead, begin to direct one’s own experiences as channels for Divine Will. Carnelian lends vitality and energy to the physical body. It helps to purify and to sanctify the body as a temple of the spirit. It is an excellent support for detoxifying from harmful substances, and in breaking negative or hurtful physical habits. Unakite – Unakite’s energy has been professed to stimulate the healing of disease, brought on by the repression of emotions, such as cancer (anger) and heart disease (fear and resentment). Unakite supports healthy tissues in general and is particularly useful for promoting the physical health of the heart and of the lungs. Its green and pink/red colors reveal it ability to balance the physical as well as the emotional aspects of the heart. This stone assists in truly releasing the negative emotions, the habitual thoughts, and the inner dialogue within a human being that creates them. Yellow Jade –Jade is a symbol of unity and of perfect tranquility. Though it is not similar in composition to Lemon Quarts, it seems to have the same energetic quality in the body. For this reason, Yellow and Lavender Jade is often used with, or as an alternate to, Lemon Quartz. Jade is especially important in unifying the functions of other stones, with which is placed. Onyx Flint - Flint is an Earth Element of amazing power and intensity. Though its primary function is that of grounding, it reaches its energetic tendrils far into the higher vibrational domains, bringing the highest frequencies of the spiritual world into manifestation, in the physical world. It is known as the DNA Stone because it “remembers” the First Day of Creation and the original sequences in all things. When other stones are placed between Flint and Smoky Quartz, they become powerful adjuncts to restoring damaged DINA. Emotionally, it settles, calms, and dissipates excess emotional energies

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Enhanced Energy Necklace

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